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4 Important Decisions To Make When Planning Your Wedding

4 Important Decisions To Make When Planning Your Wedding

The time has finally come, you’re engaged to the love of your life. Now it’s time to plan your dream wedding. While this should be one of the most enjoyable milestones in your relationship, beginning the journey towards this lifelong commitment tends to be a very nerve-racking, and stressful time for the pre-weds. Simply because of how many steps go into planning a wedding. At first, this can be incredibly overwhelming. After talking with your partner and coming to an agreement on any major decisions, the rest of the process will run more smoothly. Here is our ‘must have’ list of decisions that are commonly overlooked when planning a wedding. In no particular order, here are 4 Important Decisions When Planning Your Wedding.

Photographer, Videographer, or Both?


Wedding videos are very popular but choosing to have both a photographer and videographer can carry a costly load. Many companies also offer both of these services and can maintain a cohesive vibe for all of your visual documentation.

Videos have a way of captivating your wedding from various perspectives that, for obvious reasons, photos just can’t achieve. The speeches your friends and family make as they celebrate you and your lifelong partner. To breaking out your moves on the dance floor; a videographer can capture it all. They can capture the raw emotions that happen in the moment. These clips can often be edited into a short, tear-jerking film that you and your spouse can keep for years to come. Keep in mind that they come at a cost which ultimately, can be the biggest cons of hiring a wedding videographer


Wedding photographers are the most popular option. We highly recommend taking this route if you are trying to cut back on overall costs without losing the memory of your big day. These professionals are experienced in capturing everything your day entails down to the smallest details. Depending on who you hire. The bottom line is that these experts know what they are doing (always do your research). So you can rest assured that every moment of your special day will be encapsulated to the highest quality possible. Ultimately, leaving you and your partner less time to stress and more time to live in the moment. Hiring a wedding planner who can match you perfectly with a photographer and their style/personality is one of the best decisions you can make.

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To Wear, or Not To Wear Your Glasses on Your Wedding Day

A topic that is not being talked about enough in the wedding industry is whether or not you should wear your eyeglasses on the big day. There is a lot that goes into making this decision. If you find yourself in this category, there are some important considerations to think about. 

Option 1

How comfortable are you with wearing your glasses? You want to be the best-looking and dressed person on your wedding day. However, also want to be the most confident and truest version of yourself. If you are comfortable with wearing your eyeglasses every day, then we suggest also wearing them on your big day. This will allow you to show up as the most authentic version of yourself. 

Option 2

Is your photographer experienced with taking photos of people with glasses? A very overlooked area is considering your eyeglasses in wedding photos. Nobody wants to get their wedding photos back after all the money they invested in them to see nothing but an unsightly glare disrupting your face. A common theme at most weddings is to include various lighting situations. Whether that be outside in the direct sunlight, and then transitioning to a more dark and intimate setting. Different lighting tends to cause reflections on the lenses of your eyeglasses. They are near impossible to photoshop out. Communicating with your photographer beforehand and letting them know that you will be wearing eyeglasses can put your worries at bay. They will change things such as angles, positions, lighting, and flash to deliver you the best photos possible.

Option 3

Will your glasses match your wedding aesthetic? Eyeglass frames come in more styles and colors than ever before. It’s a small detail but when you and your partner are the main sources of attraction, people will notice. The good news is that checking this box during the planning stage gives you plenty of time to feel out if they will match your dress/suit. If you find yourself leaning towards wanting to wear your glasses, but your current ones just won’t match your wedding theme, now is a great time to explore your options of new glasses frames online. You are sure to find a pair that fits your theme (and budget)  and leaves you feeling more confident than ever when you arrive on your wedding day. 

warby parker glasses

Will You Allow Kids? 

This decision is ultimately up to you and your partner. Many couples may face pushback or resistance to this decision from disagreeing family members and friends. At the end of the day, it comes down to respecting those who are hesitant. That it is your day, and that they are a guest at your ceremony. Kids can cause unneeded stress from crying to just causing extraneous amounts of commotion. Not to mention that, if you decide to go with either videographer or photographer, you don’t want kids running about. Ruining your moment and very large investment on remembering the day. If you are willing to accept exceptions to this rule, I suggest only allowing younger kids. Or kids that will be in the wedding party. That way, immediate family is included. Outside of this, to respectfully sway guests from not bringing their younger children, including a section on your wedding invites that states you have made the decision that no children under the age of 12 will be allowed at the wedding. Placing this on your wedding invites gives guests plenty of time to make accommodations for them. 

If you decide to have children at your wedding, just a simple reminder to guests and your photographer on both ends that younger children will be there. This ensures that parents will understand that there will be professional photographers capturing your day so it serves as a gentle reminder to keep tabs on their children. On the flip side, this lets photographers know beforehand that children will be in the vicinity so they can accommodate accordingly. 

Kids at Weddings

Decide on your aesthetic

Arguably one of the most important decisions to make early on is what general visual aesthetics you want to go with for your wedding. Many couples have been dreaming of their wedding since they were little, and some have no idea at all. In the case that you don’t, many event design companies make this easy and can lead you through the process. They can assist in coming up with initial concepts or take your “little kid” wedding dreams and make them a reality. With styles like BOHO, romantic, vintage, modern, and traditional, there are lots of options. I do recommend making up your mind with this early on as the majority of your wedding planning will be based on the overall vibe that you want to deliver. Your aesthetic encompasses more than just colors. Here are a few subject areas that are determined from your theme:

  • The florals and design you will have at the ceremony and reception
  • The style of your outfit as well as the wedding parties 
  • Where the wedding venue will be located as well as what kind you will go with
  • Food choice is often picked traditionally with what style the couple is going with

While some of these decisions require more consideration than others, keep in mind what you are planning for. A very special day dedicated to celebrating you and your partner, coming together, and committing to a lifetime of happiness. So, while at times it may be hard to block out what others are saying because believe me they will; stay true and aligned to yourself. You only get one wedding day so make it special, memorable, and most importantly, something that you love just as much as your special person.

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There you have it! 4 Important Decisions When Planning Your Wedding!

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