Do I have to book both event design and floral design?

No! You can book our services for floral design only. 

Can I rent a few items from you only?

No, we offer rental items to our clients who have booked floral and/or event design only and do not offer rental-only orders. 

Do you have a minimum budget requirement?

Pricing will vary extensively from one design to the next given that each design is custom however, you can expect to spend at least $7,000 on event design and/or floral design. Most clients spend between $9,000-$15,000 on floral/event design services when it’s all said and done. 

Will you travel for my event?

Absolutely! Typically we charge a mileage rate and any additional travel fees are based on the needs of each individual event.

Will you provide a full-scale sample
of my bouquet/ centerpieces?

We offer centerpiece mockups as an additional cost to your event order. The benefits of a floral mockup will allow you to gain a visual on the size and shape of specific items in your order. Additionally, to make sure your expectations are met prior to the event day. Please keep in mind, that every single stem and bloom grows differently. Weather, seasons, etc. will result in the exact same flower from the exact same grower to be different from one order to the next. So, exact replication isn’t possible as blooms will vary. Mockups are perfect for the person who lists design as a top priority to their event. Please keep in mind, mockups will be more expensive than the cost of a single centerpiece due to the requirement of ordering blooms in bulk that would normally allow for more than 1 centerpiece to be designed per bunch of blooms.

How often do we need to meet?

Most floral and/or design clients only meet with us for an initial consultation. From there most communication is done via email unless we are providing a sampling or need to see anything additional in person. There aren’t monthly meetings or updates that are scheduled and necessary for every client.

How can I prepare for my consultation appointment with you?

We understand that we may be an earlier vendor booked to ensure your date is secure with us. To make the most out of your initial consultation with us, come prepared with a general color palette, budget range, rough quantities of items on your wish list and a Pinterest board if you have one. This will allow us to provide a mood board and a more accurate proposal should you wish to book with us! The details can always be determined after you have more time to plan. It’s most important to secure your date!

How can we schedule a meeting?

We understand many people plan from afar. We offer virtual calls via Google Meet as a way to feel like we are in person! Approximately half of our wedding clients are planning from afar.

What does the booking process look like and what can I expect from you?

When hiring a florist for your wedding, the booking process can be confusing. This is especially true because all businesses have a different booking process.  We here to help make sure everything runs smoothly and all of your questions are answered. Head over to our blog to learn more!

What is the difference between event design, floral design, wedding planner & coordinator and do you offer these services? 

We offer full service wedding planning to an exclusive number of clients each year, please visit our contact page here to inquire about these services. We have 10 years of being one of the top wedding planners in Michigan possessing an extensive knowledge of vendors, timelines, to-do lists, and event management systems. To learn more about the difference of each service, visit our blog here!


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