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Wedding Bouquet Size and Style Guide

There are a few things to consider when selecting the perfect size and style of your wedding bouquet. A petite bride may want a smaller sized bouquet so the bouquet doesn’t overpower her. If you are drawn to the garden or whimsical style, these tend to use a lot of different flowers and fillers and ultimately can increase the size of the bouquet. First, it’s important to select the style (see examples below) of the bouquet you prefer, then determine the size.

Bouquet Style


This is a timeless style that really fits with almost any wedding vibe. These tend to feature blooms more tightly clustered together and generally have less greenery.  You also tend to see a classic style with more neutral-toned blooms, though this isn’t always the case. You can never go wrong with a classic bouquet!

Photo: Sarah Elizabeth Dunn Photography                                                Photo: Emily Jane Photography


Classic Style Wedding Bouquet

Photo: Emily Jane Photography



For the Bride who likes a little “flair” but does not want the flair to overpower her beauty!  The garden bouquet is, by far and away, the All Grand Events + Floral favorite. As designers, we all love a good amount of mixed greenery and believe that bouquets should be styled how florals and greenery naturally grow. Similar to the classic bouquet, these will never go out of style.

Photo: Kelly Braman Photography                                                          Photos: Allie Siarto Photography



For the Bride who isn’t afraid to let her personality shine with the blooms! This bouquet tends to include many different types of blooms, and be rich with texture. While a garden-style bouquet is what I would pick for a more timeless look, a whimsical bouquet will be both memorable and make a statement. Whimsical bouquets are definitely the ones that make our designer hearts flutter with all of the out-of-the-box possibilities.  Whimsical bouquets also have a tendency to favor rich color palettes and unique blooms.

Photo:  Hetler Photography                                                                     Photo: Allie Siarto Photography


Whimsical Bridal Bouquet

Photo: Allie Siarto Photography



For the bride who wants to pay homage to an ethereal time of romanticism dripping in florals! This bouquet tends to include many different types of blooms, and include a variety of flexible greenery. They are also the perfect place to add silk ribbon tails that follow the design lines of the draping florals. Cascading bouquets are showstoppers and usually reserved for the bride only, they are also more restrictive for flower selection because you have to select flowers that will “behave” when designing. Lastly, cascading bouquets require some slight of hand by the bride. Meaning, she will need to hold the bouquet facing forward instead of upward like any of the other styles.

Cascading Style Bouquet

Photo: Stephanie Kaslly Photography

Cascading Style Bouquet


Bouquet Size


Perfect for bridesmaids

Small Garden Style Bouquet

Photo: Allie Siarto Photography



Perfect for a bride who values flowers but doesn’t want the flowers to take away from her gown.

Medium Garden Style Bouquet

Photo: Allie Siarto Photography



Perfect for a bride who lists flowers as one of their Top 3 most important items in their wedding

Large Garden Style Bouquet

Photo: T.E.P Studios


Nosegay or Posey

Perfect for a junior bridesmaid, flower girl, toss bouquet, or a mother’s bouquet!

Flower Girl Bouquet

Photo: Allie Siarto Photography


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