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Floral Design in the Stanley Cup | Munn Ice Arena | East Lansing, Michigan

This Stanley Cup Floral Design was a highlight of the 2019 year! This blog post will be very short and sweet and a thank you letter to my previous assistant and designer, Ashton.  Some background information for you: sports are everything. Haha, let me rephrase that…sports are everything in my family. Growing up, we were always either playing, watching, or inventing a sport. Throwing a ball and the roof and seeing if you can run all the way around the house before it falls is a sport, right? Everyone in my family is an athlete and highly competitive.

Stanley Cup Floral Design | Munn Ice Arena | East Lansing, MI | January 4th 2019

Stanley Cup East Lansing Michigan

So you can imagine my excitement when my new assistant’s dad is none other than the MSU Hockey coach. Not only that but he was a former NHL player, and Stanley Cup WINNER. Ok, this was all almost too much for me, and THEN Ashton came to work one day and said, “Hey, what do you think about designing flowers in the Stanley Cup?” Errrrrrr…….girl, what?! I about fell to the ground. Are you insane, how in god’s name would that possibly happen?  She hadn’t asked her dad yet, but was planning to upon finding out that Lord Stanley was making a visit to Munn and we may have the opportunity to get private access before the team and public. So the answer was a yes. 

Stanley Cup Floral Design

Stanley Cup Floral Design

Stanley Cup Floral Design

Stanley Cup Floral Design

We were able to completely custom design whatever florals we wanted. Since it was a passion project, we had full creative control. We are talking hours to decide on a color palette. This was due to the diligence of Ashton’s brain always wanting to do bigger and better by AGE. The graciousness of the Cole family for allowing us to live out this dream I never thought would be a possibility.  We designed on a primarily white color palette with pops of green, black, and silver. Then, I sprayed half-styled silver anthurium and added in shamrock ranunculus. The first foray into using bleached ruscus, and popped in some panda anemones, scabiosa pods, and veronica for texture.

Stanley Cup Floral Design

The icing on the already sweet, sweet cake of designing florals for the Stanley Cup was that Caroline, Tyler, and my mom could join in on the photoshoot with the greatest sports trophy to ever exist. Thank you to Ashton, Danton, and all of the Coles for your graciousness and for being the reason for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to come to fruition.


Floral Design: All Grand Events + Floral // Photography: Allie Siarto + Co Photography

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