Our Freelancers

The event world, especially in Michigan, is seasonal to say the least. In order to provide the best service and designs utilizing the best floral design talent in the state, we rely on freelancers during our busy season. Freelancers in the floral world are not employed by any one company or organization, they are self employed and book jobs at different companies on a weekly, or sometimes, daily basis. They are the reason we can do what we do and have the mind-blowing end product to show for it. Our freelancers are truly the backbone of our creative business. Lynette and Emily lay the foundation with proposals, recipes, floral orders, timelines and expectations, and our freelancers take that highly organized information, with a heaping side of creative design freedom, and run. They are the ones physically creating the majority of the designs under our creative direction. Their skills, support and expertise allow us the ability to say YES to all of yours and our crazy ideas. The elaborate, Instagram and Pinterest-worthy weddings are always going to be created by a large team of freelance designers under professional creative direction.

We also have a group of non-floral and planning freelancers. This is our team that sets all of our non-floral design aspects including, but not limited to, candles, already designed centerpieces, place cards, menus, and more. They are in charge of double checking all rentals are in the perfect final position with table and chair counts matching the layout. Then if course, there is the thankless late night tear outs. Our late night freelance team comes in at the end of each event and safely removes, packs and gets it back to our studio for cleaning and use again. Typically our non-floral and planning freelancers pull double duty as the late night tear out crew as well. It’s exhausting, extremely fast paced, and a cornerstone of our customer experience.

Photos by: Ever After Studios

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