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One thing I am regularly being told is the preference to order in-season flowers to save money.  I know where this comes from: it’s on The Knot, Pinterest, and every other wedding website out there, and it’s always been advise that confused me as an East Lansing Florist

Here’s the deal with the seasonality of flowers and what it affects: whether I can get them or not.  With the exception of roses around Valentine’s Day, I’ve never had the cost of a flower depend, in any meaningful way, on the season.  I either can get a specific type of flower or I can’t.  No matter the time of year, the same flower generally costs the same.

This is great for me in the sense that I always know what my general costs are going to be, and what to charge.  I can also set realistic expectations for my brides who may want peony bouquets in the middle of September; that I can’t just pay more and get them.  They are either available or they are not.

If I try to get a flower that is at the very end or beginning of its season, I promise you don’t want this quality.  They are going to either not be fully bloomed or be on the verge of death. In this regard, you absolutely want in-season flowers.  You want that end of May/early June peony, you want that late September dahlia, and you want that Christmas-time amaryllis, but you want these for their quality and size, not because of a measurable price difference.

So, when you meet with your floral designer, (hopefully us! Inquire here) the best course of action is to work to design the bouquets and/or centerpieces of your dreams.  From there, if we need to get within budget, then we will either start by downsizing the bouquet, or by replacing more expensive flowers with less expensive flowers.  But remember…less expensive flowers are ALWAYS less expensive flowers regardless of the time of year, just the same as expensive flowers are ALWAYS expensive flowers.




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  1. Denice says:

    I actually did not know this. Great blog as always!

    • Emily Dawson says:

      Thank you so much! Most people aren’t aware of this and there’s a lot of misinformation out there about it!

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