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Valentine’s Flowers and what else?


Our floral designs are definitely enough. I want to start out by saying that you should never feel the need to go overboard for Valentine’s Day.  With that being said, this post is for exactly those folks, the ones who want to go overboard to make the day extra special.  You’ve obviously already booked All Grand Events for your flowers, now what? What else should I get him/her besides flowers?  As an East Lansing florist who knows a thing or two about Valentine’s flowers, here are 6 fun (and very different) ideas to pair with your All Grand Events’ designed flowers to add some extra pop to your gift!

    1. Food. Literally any food that he/she likes.  Set up a tapas-style home takeout system.  Order his/her favorite thing from a few different places to eat throughout the evening at home.  Pick up that insanely yummy bread from Lucky’s Steakhouse in Okemos, grab their favorite roll for an appetizer from Maru Sushi in East Lansing, an artisan farm to table flatbread from Tavern 109 in Williamston for the main course, and for dessert a Cookie Monster from Cheddars in West Lansing. I mean, have you ever heard anyone say they’d want a box of chocolates for their last meal?  Didn’t think so.
    2. Professional photo session.  Now I’m not suggesting you surprise him/her with this on Valentine’s Day.  People need time to prepare their outfits, faces, hair, etc. for something like this, but book it and schedule the date once you surprise him/her with the gift.  There is nobody better than Allie Siarto & Co. Photography for exactly this.  Not only will she give you the best couple and/or family photos you could ever dream of, but she has both hair/makeup contacts and offers a customized styling service to get the whole gang in coordinating attire. You also get a digital Style Guide Magazine that details how to incorporate the photos into your home.  And if that wasn’t enough, she will take a photo of your actual wall and use the images she took to show you the best way to display your images on your actual wall while giving you the option to choose which images go where. It’s the coolest thing ever (she’s done it for me) and you should not miss out!
    3. Sign up for Amazon Prime. I’m not joking, they have so many movie options, and their original TV programming is absolutely delightful.  This is the gift that keeps on giving.  Free 2-day shipping on basically anything you could ever want and a discount at Whole Foods, yes please. This is both practical and definitely unexpected.
    4. Hire a professional organizer.  If you’re in Marie Kondo-mode (or a less extreme version of that) right now this is the best gift you can give someone. Lina at Chaos & Bloom is the one you need to contact right now!  She will schedule a time to come into your home, work, etc. and focus on decluttering, organizing, and designing your life back together.  How could we not recommend her with such a fun flower-related name. She helps bring order to your chaos so you have room to bloom. Sign me up!
    5. Take the day off work…if you can.  I love my child more than life itself, but I swear the days when my husband and I don’t work, and our daughter still goes to daycare are absolutely priceless mental health days. We stay in bed watching TV all day, and it’s the greatest gift ever. Add flowers and it’s the perfect Valentine’s Day!
    6.  Tickets for something to do at a later date.  The sad part about living in Michigan is you can’t really do much outdoors unless the weather cooperates or you happen to love snow activities (I don’t).  But how fun would it be to know that once June rolled around you already had tickets to go somewhere you enjoy together like:
      • Water park/annual park pass
      • Cedar Point
      • Musical or play (Hamilton is coming to the Wharton Center this summer East Lansing people!)


Dont’ forget to reserve your one of a kind All Grand Events’ Valentine’s flowers by going here and clicking “Valentine’s Day”.  Trust us, this is not your ordinary Valentine’s flowers in a vase, they will be remarkable!



Header + featured image photo: Allie Siarto & Co. Photography


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