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Have you ever wondered how a florist comes up with bouquet designs?  The short answer may surprise you.

Shape.  It’s all about the shape of flowers.

If a bride can send me a photo of the general shape they are looking for then I can come up with the florals to achieve it.  A lot of brides get stuck on finding bouquets that look almost exactly like they want color-wise.  But I can create a bouquet in any combination of colors as long as I know the shape you are going for.

Garden wedding bouquet - East Lansing Florist

I am such a lucky Michigan floral designer in that all of my AGE brides let me do my thing.  It’s been years since I’ve had someone request I match a photo exactly (“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” -Dr. Seuss).

There are a few design details I need to know, then my floral designer brain takes off.  In order of importance I ask for these 5 details:

1) What shape are you going for?

2) What is your color scheme?

3) What is the percentage of colors relative to one another?

4) Are there any flowers you hate?

5) Bouquet wrap: tails or no tails?

And that’s it.

One thing you’ll notice is I don’t ever ask for a list of flowers.  For one thing, I’ve seen way too many incorrect “bouquet breakdowns” on various forms of social media.  I’ve had brides come in with a list of flowers and their list didn’t come remotely close to the flowers needed to design their dream bouquet. Secondly, if you want someone to just recreate a bouquet for you, just about any florist can do that.  Coming to us as an East Lansing florist and floral designer means you love our work, which in turn, means you’ve loved the creative freedom we’ve been allowed all these years to design these remarkable bridal bouquets.



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