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Not Your Mama’s Bouquet

Sitting in the warm sun (finally some sunshine!), I can’t help but think about this year’s 2016 weddings. We have so many amazing brides who each bring their own unique style and custom design that Emily and I are so excited to create. With pretty blooms, luscious greens, and personal touches, this year’s weddings are going to be amazing.

One bloom in particular we are very fond of, which you will see if you follow us on any form of social media, are succulents. They add so much texture, dimension, and unique color to bouquets and truly give it a statement bloom (I’m all about the statement bloom) that will have not only you, but your guests talking.


And while we love succulents, and many brides are excited to add either a grey, mint, or another shade of green to their bouquet, there is always one person who needs a little more convincing than others…Mom. Without a doubt, unless a bride has prepared mom before the consultation, she is always weary of the big bad succulent. We get it, succulents are very earthy, natural, different, and yes at first weird, so mom is thinking “In my baby girl’s bouquet!?”, don’t worry mom, trust us, we know what were are doing. We won’t make her one and only wedding day be taken over by a few tiny little succulents. We make sure each and every one is carefully picked out, prepped and fits perfectly into each centerpiece, bouquet, and arrangement.

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We take the time to find the right shape, shade, and texture for your daughter’s floral design. If she is going with more antique, soft tones, then we will make sure the succulents come in a soft grey and blend into the florals while also being eye catching. Or if she’s looking for a coral and mint palette, we will get a soft green succulent that is the only bloom that gives off a true minty look.


In our opinion, succulents add so much to floral designs. We love when brides choose them as part of their wedding florals, but we are well aware that succulents aren’t always the best idea. So, if you are worried you may be talked into something that may not turn out quite how you had dreamed, don’t worry. We are here first and foremost for the bride. We would NEVER suggest any blooms that would awkwardly stand out or not seem fit with her vision or her personality. But moms, at some point you have to accept it, you have to embrace the succulent, especially if its caught your baby’s eye.

Don’t worry, you aren’t losing your little girl, you’re gaining a beautiful succulent bouquet!



Photo of Bride and Bouquet: T.E.P. Studios. All other photos by All Grand Events

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