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Go Green!

As a business in East Lansing, and owners who are MSU alumni, All Grand Events obviously full of Spartans! But, going green in the EL doesn’t just mean rooting for Michigan State, it means being conscious of the environment we live in, and doing everything we can to keep it beautiful and thriving for years to come!

As you know, we love working with flowers. Without these pretty blooms AGE wouldn’t be the same. We are very aware that in order for us to receive these precious creations, the earth in which they grow needs to be kept clean.

That is why All Grand Events “Goes Green!”; to protect the environment we live in and make sure it is sustainable enough to allow us to continue to get our pretty blooms!

When we receive flowers, they come in long cardboard boxes. Each box, with its own separate top and bottom, creates a large pile of cardboard that we break down, and put off to the side until we are able to make our famous ‘Granger Runs’. Now I say famous because there have been more than a few times where I get a little too ambitious and try to throw the cardboard over the large bin, only to have it fly right back in my face! It gives Emily and Denice a good laugh and gives me a little bit more time to exercise as I chase down the scraps of cardboard.



Along with cardboard, Granger also has a wide variety of other recyclable containers you can take your products to. Such as our gallon jugs of distilled water that we use when ironing linens. Utilizing Granger’s recycling facility is a simple way for us to make sure we aren’t clogging up our landfills with products that can be re-used.


Along with recycling at Granger, we also make sure when we prep our flowers (fresh cut, de-thorn, de-leaf, etc.) that we put all of the natural materials into bins to compost behind our design studio. Each floral delivery can contain up to five bins worth of floral scraps that we take back outside and deposit in our compost pile.


This not only provides us with a natural way to remove the floral scraps, it sometimes, if we are lucky, provides the perfect amount of nutrients to spring new blooms!


Going Green can be easy and can also reap unforeseen benefits! It is a great way to make sure you are taking care of the world you live in! In our eyes, we get it’s beautiful creations every day, so we want to make sure we can do whatever it takes to preserve that beauty!

And “Go Green!”



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