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Welcome to our Blog and *NEW* Website!

We have finally taken the leap and started an All Grand Event’s blog. And why not? We have a really cool job where we get to make people happy by making their events pretty, and we’d like to talk about it!

But first…why did we do a website update?  Sure, the old site had all the basic information you needed to know what we had to offer…some rental pricing information, short descriptions, some photos, but it never felt like it truly captured what All Grand Events was all about. Our site needed a facelift that had new photos, more thorough explanations of what services we offer and specialize in, and frankly if our website isn’t gorgeous, how can you be confident that we can make your event gorgeous? Because we certainly can! Our inventory is consistently expanding and our customer service is always striving to improve. We hope the new site will show just how motivated we are to not only continue the legacy of All Grand Events in East Lansing and across mid-Michigan, but also to continue to grow and improve our services as a whole. So bottom line, a newer, prettier website, but the same or better services offered.

But enough of the business stuff…and onto the fabulous…

We hope to come back at least once a week with an updated blog post, and we need you to let us know what you’d like to read about. Post any questions or suggestions for future blog posts in the comments section or on our Facebook page, and we will continue to post interesting stories, ideas, answers, and photos from our experiences at All Grand Events. Happy Reading!

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All Grand Events + Floral is a floral and event design studio based in East Lansing, Michigan serving Mid-Michigan from Grand Rapids to Metro Detroit.